How to bypass coin operated washing machine

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How to bypass coin operated washing machine

September 6, By John P. Just like the How to Pick a Padlockthis method of using a coin operated washing machine for free is so simple it makes you wonder how they would ever collect any money in these machines! John P. Feel free to send shoutouts, insults, and praise. Or Money. Money is good.

My name is Stephen. I own a little place in Nashville and someone is cashing in on my operation. I would like to know how so I can possibly prevent it. Thank you. I am very shocked the web hosting and domain people allowed this but I guess if he is paying for it. Karma comes to those people so when you become sick remember your blog that you posted and your language is out of this world.

I know you have better sense to know that they are rippin us the consumers off?? Welcome to the real world. Why this they remove the vid.

If you saw it and know what to do can you let me know please!!! Why did they remove the vid. If you saw the vid and know what to do let me know, please and Thank you! If you are so angry about this then what the fuck are you doing on this site. The only way I saw to get on here was to google it…. Seems as though you are up to no good so stop lying. Home About John P. Contact Terms. Elaine,it may not be useful to you,because you have everything given to you.

Follow Along for E-Mail Updates. Don't miss any of John P's craziness! Just shove your email address in the slot below and we'll take care of the rest!Man, it's laundry day and once again you have NO quarters. Well, check out this video and you'll never need quarters again. This how-to shows how to pick the lock on a coin operated laundry machine and then rig it up so you'll never need to pay again. Want to help support Gadget Hacks and get a great deal on some sweet new tech?

Check out all the deals on the new Gadget Hacks Shop. They don't seem to be cheap. Over a hundred bucks. Seems like as soon as they open up to collect the coins they'll see the line tied to the switch. Perhaps just a small hole where you could insert a hooked tool clothes hanger? Nut pick? Just walkin with a five pound sledge hammer and beat the heck out of the door to the coin changer then not only can you do your laundry for free but you can take all the quarters as well.

how to bypass coin operated washing machine

Hey if your going to steal you might as well do it right and get hung for a big dog rather than get hung for a puppy Do it right the first time. New machines you can't do that, older ones work.

How To Cheat A Coin Operated Washing Machine

But without any tools on that machine I could get it free faster then that. The machine has that thing you put the coins I then push it in, well get some plastic coffee stir sticks there free at restarants grab a bunch put into the coin slotsat about a 45 degree angle and push it I the coin thing will push in then pull it back and remove your coffee stir sticks. It's easier with less coin slots though cause if one in not rite it won't work, my wash I a dollar 25 cents usually put a quarter in and stir still for the dollar slot pay a quarter can do both just may take a bit longer.

This is the reason I have 28 cameras In my laundry. If you do this you are a Thief. Do in my laundry you will be in jail. So this site thinks it's ok to promote crime? How about a hack about how to break into a bank vault or liquor store?

Here is a landlord perspective on 'minor hacking for just some laundry quarters'. That's 32 apartments families that dont have to drive out to remote laundromats after work at night. Many dont have cars. But, after too much hacking I shut down my on-site laundries. So, a few anti-social looser's got some washing free, and stole some quarters,but now 32 families have to drive across town, or what ever, for laundry.

But, the numbers for me show coin laundries only break even, at best, and are there to make tenants' lives easier. That is, no profit. Dont believe me? Try it for your self. So, hackers, I quite the laundry business. It makes my life much simpler, but you have made many, many renters lives harder. Now it can either be a treasured convenience or an easy target.

For starters, I taught myself how to pick locks and make 'master' keys for the same name padlocks. That was about years ago and I was about 13 years old then. It was fun and a challenge. So, several years later I worked for the University of Pittsburgh maintenance department while earning my degree in Electrical Engineering.They use one of these new credit card things that has a chip in it that gets read by the machine.

I want to know if there's a way I can trick the machine or trick my card so I can get free laundry. Normally I don't like doing stuff like this, but at 2. Reply 8 years ago. I tried this on a privately owned machine, I found the plug when I take it out it goes into some kind of mode. However No matter how I fiddle with the buttons nothing happens, I tried unplugging the card reader and still nothing.

Hi - well I guess I am considered the enemy in your book. I recently bought a property for which I pay the water. While looking for ways to help with the mortgage and numerous other bills, I came up with the idea of installing a coin operated washer and drier, which would actually help the tenants a lot, since the laundrymat is not too close and the idea is to charge the same. Now my problem is that I do not know where to get the card operated machine which I think would be a lot less hassle than coin operated.

So while you are unscrewing panels in the back can you send me the name of the company that actually has this little machines - who knows maybe you get some positive karma back : thanks!! Reply 10 years ago. I am in the card reader business and have designed a great system to operate washers and dryers that does not require a lot of expense in setting up and is foolproof if you would lie to discuss it send me your phone number to jeff ashleyoffice.

Reply 9 years ago. Hey Jashley, are you for real? How expensive are these and how easy are they to hack? I need something foolproof otherwise, I just may have to invent something myself.

You'd need a device to reprogram the key. Or a way to hack the top-up mechanism. Or some power tools Then again you could try not washing your clothes, and mail them to your parents? Reply 12 years ago. There's got to be a way to override the machine itself I'm a big idiot when it comes to electronics.

Many of those type machines have a number of failsafes that keep a simple over-ride from occurring. And for quite a few years too :- free meals too!

Reply 11 years ago. An account is registered in the u P of the control center of the machines, and the card itself only contains information connecting that card to your account.

No amount of fiddling with the card will help. If you are not familiar with electricity, you run a good chance of electrocuting yourself especially around a wet washing machine.

If you insist on screwing up your Karma by stealing, I'd suggest searching the web for info on whatever brand of rejector or whatever it's called nowadays is on the machine and the machine itself. You'll probably need some specialized tool for the tamper-resistant fasteners, but these can usually be found on the web, also once you figure out what they're called.

I just want to stick it to my landlord until I find a new place. I have to pay for the water bill for my place and the electricity to use it. When they showed me the apartment there was no pay to use machine I'm getting screwed in more ways than one. Seems a lot less illegal than tampering with the machine. He actually forces you to use that machine rather then, say, one in a wash-house or, since you pay for the water, your own? Yep, and when he showed me the apartment there was a normal 'non paying' washer and dryerThanks for sharing.

I have an old coin operated washer that I want to restore and use in my own home. Thanks for sharing this article. There is a coin operated machine in really good shape that just went up for sale in our area!

Now I'm more comfortable considering it since I know we can remove the coin operator if we want. I think I have all the tools for it. Dave, This post is incredibly helpful but I can't seem to get the pictures to show up, would you be willing to email them to me?

Photos will be back up as soon I find the original pictures. We bought a laundrymat this summer in order to turn it to a bicycle shop. I was hoping we'd find a way to remove the unit completely but this trick beats sticking in quarters. Rebecca is correct and the majority of photos in your article do not function.

I am fascinated by the fact that you can actually buy old laundromat equipment and use it like you would a normal washer and dryer!

Your pictures, video, and post in general were very helpful in knowing how to take the coin operated part apart. It sounds like it is a pretty easy thing to remove so you don't have to have coins on hand to operate a washer in your own home. Hello dear admin, How are you? Read more at-: 24 hour coin laundry Thanks and welcome Rose Daina. Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us. Coin Master Hack. A few years ago the company I worked for also had their hands in apartment rentals.

Fortunately for me the units were never used and still had the original wrapping on them. The only downside to the units were the fact that they were coin operated which wasn't to much of an issue as I had the coin tray key so I could use the same 5 quarters for both the washer and dryer. While the system of using the same coins worked well for a number of years after some time it just became tiresome.

Having no luck finding answers online I asked my father an engineer with over 30 yrs experience in the field of Industrial Operations how to remove the coin aspect of the units his response was one of "Don't do it!!

While I did have the key to the coin box I was missing the more important key that unlocks the compartment where the machine timers and start leaver are located.

Unknown March 8, at AM. Unknown August 26, at AM.Most people have had the unfortunate experience of not having a washer and dryer at some point.

Apartments in my area tend to charge at least one hundred dollars extra for the units with washer and dryer hookups, and even more if you want a unit with an actual washer and dryer installed already.

If you are young and just starting out, this may be hard for you to manage with your current salary.

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If you have no washer and dryer, the only alternative is the laundromat. If you can't fit an apartment with a washer and dryer into your budget, then you also probably don't have a car, which means you'll be taking the bus. That is another unwanted fee. Not only does it cost more money, but we have to drag our clothing on the bus unless you're lucky and have on-site laundry.

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Coin operated machines are usually vulnerable to a hack that allows you to get free cycles. It never ceases to surprise me how they still manage to make money off of the machines.

Want to start making money as a white hat hacker? My building used to have laundry as a amenity for tenants.

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There was a room full of laundry machines on the top floor. Not included with the apartments, but readily available. Was a decent compromise. Unfortunately probably due to overuse most of the machines didn't work. Thanks for the tips though! Yeah, that sounds pretty cool :D. The newer card ones I'm still working on, but I've heard of people hacking those with paper and nickels, or another altered plastic card. I'm curious, haha. Tell you what, we operate small efficiency buildings, meaning the units are studio apartments and usually have a single tenant in them.

Pair of jeans dirt, throw it in. Shirt dirty, throw it in. By itself. This uses a boat load of water not very environmentally friendly and runs up the water bill for the building as well as the electricity bill. Though I agree with you that the amenities of a washer and dryer should not be a money making operation to generate additional revenue, it forces tenants to think about their washing habits in a responsible matter.

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If not for the pocketbook of the landlord then at least for the environment. Electricity and water are not free, even though you may not be paying for it, eventually you will. The guy above me sucks. Landlords don't give a crap about the environment. We pay our own water and electricity yet we also have to pay to use 30 year old coin operated machines. It's not like we aren't poor enough as college students but now we basically have to pay our water and electricity used for the machines twice over.

Fuck landlords.

how to bypass coin operated washing machine

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how to bypass coin operated washing machine

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